• Bellydance Blossom
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  • May 5-7, 2017
  • Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, Canada


"Please, please do this again! So many of us are hungry for this type of event that digs so much deeper into the dance and the cultural responsibility that comes along with it."

"A fantastic weekend and so unlike every other belly dance festival!"

"It was above and beyond what I could have imagined. It was so great to connect to so many like-minded people, to be inspired to learn so much. It was the perfect combination of artistic and academic, spiritual and conscientious, fun and meaningful.."

"Wonderful complex event - very fulfilling and well balanced between performance, education and inspiration."


The Bellydance Blossom Festival is an all-immersive experience where international dance artists and scholars engage with each other in creative collaborations and meaningful discourse.

Internationally known Master Teachers are invited to teach, perform and participate in discussions where possible. All registrants are highly encouraged to participate as a dance artist, choreographer or speaker in one or more of the various categories; Collaborative Works, Explorative Works, Blossom Talks, and Panel Discussions.

Submissions for Artists and Speakers are due January 17, 2017

Results of Performance lottery and Speaker curating is January 22, 2017

Super Early bird registration price is of $289 finishes January 18, 2017.

One does not need to register in order to make a submission by Jan. 17 to perform or speak.

One does need to register by March 1st in order to participate as a speaker or dance artist.

Ensemble members receive 25% (in-town) and 50% (out-of-town) discounts on registration

Small honorariums paid to out-of-town artists and speakers.

3 days, 7 (1hr) Theatre Shows, 6 Workshops, 5 Panel Discussions, 5 Blossom Talks and more...

A persistent question theme arose at the last International Bellydance Conference of Canada (2012). What is the essence of Bellydance? What does it express? What is its meaning? Let us try to answer these questions in the Bellydance Blossom Festival.

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Imagined and created by Yasmina Ramzy, founder of the International Bellydance Conference of Canada.

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Attendance at all workshops is included in registration fee & not available separately
To be announced

Marta Korzun

From USA to Japan, from Europe to Australia, Marta has taught in 43 countries and is loved the world over. Uniquely elegant with exclusive complex technique, beautiful lines and sculpted accents; all of this wrapped in extraordinary poise, class and charisma is why so many fall in love with Marta. Her innovation keeps you fascinated.

Marta is the director of one of the largest schools in the Ukranine, "Tiara". She has won several competitions in Cairo and Europe and is recognized as one of Europe's leading teachers and performers. Her clear, concise teaching methods are highly acclaimed and sought after.

Master Workshops

  1. Tarab, Music, Emotions - Making the audience feel the music.
  2. Energetic Drum Solo - Fresh, unusual, intense and rich technique.
  3. Meganse with Arab Folklore elements
To be announced

Dr. Mo Geddawi

A true Renaissance man, he was co-founder of the legendary REDA DANCE TROUPE as well as the company`s lead male dancer. Along with Mahamoud Reda and Farida Fahmy he performed before kings and head of states throughout the world. He took part in ground breaking research on music and dance in Egypt for the Reda Troupe. Dr. Mo Geddawi received several awards from the Egyptian government for his contributions to the Egyptian dances.

"Dr. Mo Geddawi is able to mold the body and mind within the confines of Eastern dance of his students with an integrity and knowing quality that makes of them recipients of Eastern folklore that is authentic in spirit and delivery and not a plastic facade of sad mannerisms that is unfortunately being taught by so many of the "unknowing". Quote from Ibrahim Farrah Arabesque 11, March/April 1987

Master Workshops

  1. Creating Choreography - dance class
  2. The Golden Age of Raqs Sharqi in Egypt- lecture
  3. The Cult of the Zar - lecture
To be announced

The Name We Dare Not Say Until She Has Landed in Canada

She is the last Ghawazi dancer stilling performing of the famous Banat Mazen family. She is charming and sweet. The history that emanates from her makes a powerful presence as soon as she enters a room. No one can resist her charm and fascination. The real, real, real deal.

For those that are familiar with the International Bellydance Conference of Canada and the original line-up of the first Bellydance Blossom Festival know that I am alluding to KHAIRIYYA MAZEN. This will be my 4th attempt to get her out of Egypt. I once vowed to bring her to Canada before I die and everytime I try and fail, I swear I will never try again. Alas, I can not help but try again. I will spend one month in Egypt this Spring during which time, I hope to secure every possible measure that she leave Egypt for the first time in her life. If not, we have 2 great master teachers and a third ready to fill Khairiyya's spot if needed...but hopefully, we will finally have Khairiyya here.

Master Workshops

  1. Dance Class
  2. Q & A with Audience
  3. Dance Class

Artists / Speakers

2017 Line-up to be announced January 22, 2017

2016 line-up: Collaborative Works, Explorative Works, Blossom Talks, Panel Discussions.

Schedule - TO BE REVISED

Friday, May 5, 2017.

Saturday, May 6, 2017.

Sunday, May 7, 2017.

Exciting creative experiences with Arab musicians

Wickedly Wild Wrap Party

Schedule subject to change


235 Queens Quay West

Studio Theatre & Lakeside Terrace, York Quay, Harbourfront Centre,

Downtown Toronto, Canada

Harbourfront Centre

Hotel Accommodations

Westin Harbour Castle Hotel

Harbour Castle Hotel, almost next door, on the lake

$169/night for single & double rooms, $30 per extra person up to 4 ppl total

Phone 1-888-627-8559 reserve under group booking code BE01AA

Special rate available until April 6, 2017.

Collaborative Works

Collaborative Works are creative partnerships that are rich in learning opportunities, opening infinite new possibilities for the participants. This is the most exciting performance contribution to the festival and expresses what the festival is all about. Choreographers partner with soloists and/or ensembles they have not worked with before. Each Collabortaive Works presentation is 10 minutes in length and includes an explanation of the collaborative process, performance of the new work and a Q&A in whatever order or format the collaborating artists wish.

Role of Choreographer

Role of Performing Artist(s)

Roles of both collaborating Artists

More guidelines and suggestions will be offered to help with the collaborative process. As well, members can exchange solutions and ideas through the Facebook group page.

Choosing Collaborative Partners

Artists can choose who they would like to collaborate with in the Prearranged Partnership category. If wishing to be part of some genuiunely exciting work, artists can chose to enter the Partnership Lottery and be randomly paired up. This lottery will be held January 22, 2017.

Collaborative Work Pre-Arranged Partnership = CWPP (for solos or ensembles)

If a random partnership is found to be problematic, all effort will be made to make new partnerships.

4 categories for Collaborative Works Random Partnership Lottery

(you may choose up to two):

2016 Collaborative Works — Ensembles, Pre-Arranged Partnerships, and Solos.

Explorative Works

Explorative Works are for soloists and/or ensembles who wish to create a new piece that allows the artists involved to step into new territory or present their current style in a new way or with a new emphasis. In other words, creating new work that allows audiences to see the artist(s) in a new light.

Explorative Works - Soloist = EW-S

Exporative Works - Ensemble = EW-E

Deadline for submissions is January 17, 2017

Lottery to choose who will perform is January 22, 2017.

2016 Explorative Works — Ensembles, and Solos.

Blossom Talks

Offered in the fashion of TED Talks

All manner of subjects encompassed in the global Bellydance experience.

Submissions for Blossom Talks are due January 17, 2017. Curated.

2016 Blossom Talks.

Panel Discussions

Please submit ideas of panel topics you would like to see or participate in by January 17, 2017.

2016 Panel Discussions.


Accepting submissions by January 17, 2017. One submission per person per category. Please make each submission in separate email - in the subject line put the the letter code attributed to Performance submissions - to bellydanceblossom@gmail.com


Performance/Choreography = minimum of 4 years or 20 performances/creations.

Speakers for Blossom Talks = minimum of 4 years speaking or teaching experience.

If questionable, eligibility will be decided by a panel of peers (to be named)

All eligible Performance submissions will be put into a lottery and picked until the number of performance slots are full. Any that are not chosen will be on waiting list to take the place of any cancellations. Lottery is held January 22, 2017.

Collaborative Works - Random Partnership Lottery

- Enter any two of the categories in separate submissions. If you are new to the festival, please include a one paragraph biography, your C.V. and a Youtube clip of your work in the category you are submitting for. Lottery results are January 22, 2017.

Collaborative Works - Prearranged Partnership

- Propose a collaboration of any combination of artists that will create a piece together (multi-media and multi-disciplinary arts are welcome). Please describe visualized outcome and name the participating parties and their roles. If the key collaborative artists are new to the festival, please include a one paragraph biography, C.V. and Youtube clip demonstrating their previous work

Explorative Works

- Please describe in one paragraph how you are venturing into new creative expression with the work you are submitting. If you are new to the festival, please include a one paragraph biography, C.V. and a youtube clip of your previous work.

Blossom Talks - 12 minutes - visual aids are optional

- Please submit the title of your talk and a one paragraph description. If you are new to the festival, please include a one paragraph biography and your C.V. Blossom Talks are curated this year.

Panel Discussions

- Suggest an interesting and/or controversial topic for discussion that you would like to participate in and /or suggest other artists/academics you would like to see on this Panel.


Accepting submissions by January 17, 2017. One submission per person per category. Please make each submission in separate email - in the subject line put the the letter code attributed to Performance submissions - to bellydanceblossom@gmail.com

In order to submit, you do not need to have registered for the festival. However, in order to participate, you need to register by March 1, 2017..

See registration discounts for members of ensembles who are making a submission to perform whether ending up on stage or not.




Be a part of 32+ hours of ground breaking creative adventures over 3 days

REGISTER (Non-refundable but transfers are allowed)

Join the Revelation

You need to be registered in order to participate in Collaborative Works, Explorative Works, Blossom Talks and Panel Discussions by March 1, 2017.

25% off for group members living in Toronto area who are able to sleep in their own bed for the festival - use code HOMEGROUP when checking out online. Note with registration which group you are with and from what city.

50% off for group traveling from far and needing to stay in a hotel, B and B, or billetting for the duration of the festival - use code TRAVELGROUP when checking out online. Note with registration which group you are with and from what city.

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