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"Please, please do this again! So many of us are hungry for this type of event that digs so much deeper into the dance and the cultural responsibility that comes along with it."

"A fantastic weekend and so unlike every other belly dance festival!"

"It was above and beyond what I could have imagined. It was so great to connect to so many like-minded people, to be inspired to learn so much. It was the perfect combination of artistic and academic, spiritual and conscientious, fun and meaningful.."

"Wonderful complex event - very fulfilling and well balanced between performance, education and inspiration."


The Bellydance Blossom Festival is an all-immersive experience where international dance artists and scholars engage with each other in creative collaborations and meaningful discourse.

Internationally known Master Teachers are invited to teach, perform and participate in discussions where possible. All registrants are highly encouraged to participate as a dance artist, choreographer or speaker in one or more of the various categories; Collaborative Works, Explorative Works, Blossom Talks, and Panel Discussions.

All participants are encouraged to take part in all discussions. Collaborative and Explorative artists will explain their creative process while working across international borders and across genres and styles.

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Imagined and created by Yasmina Ramzy, founder of the International Bellydance Conference of Canada.

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Dina Talaat

Dina Talaat

Dina Talaat Sayed Muhammad is an Egyptian belly dancer and actress. She was named as the "Last Egyptian Dancer" by the American magazine Newsweek. She has a master's degree in Philosophy.

She was born in Rome, Italy in 1964. Her father was the news correspondent for the Middle East News Agency in Rome. Her sister Rita is a retired singer. Dina started her career in the early 1970s, dancing with the Reda Dance Troupe. She became a solo dancer in the 1980s and soon became well known. In the 1990s she became known for her dancing at hotels like the Cairo Sheraton where she shocked Egyptian society by eschewing the traditional bellydance costume. In addition to public performances at hotels and resorts, Dina also dances for private functions. In 2005, she travelled to Brazil to teach belly dance workshops and has since tours much of the world.

In 2011, she released an autobiography entitled Huriati Fi Al Raqs (My Freedom in Dancing).

Mohamed Salah standing in traditional dress

Mohamed Salah

Mohamed Saleh has traveled the world with the Reda Troupe since 1995 but started his career in Egypt's Childrens Troupe performing all over Egypt. He has worked in the Opera House in many styles of dance including Modern and Contemporary. Mohamed has worked with Mahmoud Reda, Hassan Affifi, Walid Awni and Dr. Magdi Ezz. As a creative choreographer, his work is presented on national TV and at many festivals. He is now a soloist in the Reda Troupe, a featured teacher in Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival and sought after in China, Japan, Korea, Ukraine and Italy. He has won many awards and recently is a graduate of the Academy of Arts.

George Sawa with Qanun from 1880

George Sawa

George Sawa was born in Alexandria, Egypt. He has over 50 years experience in Arabic music performance, history, theory and has performed and lectured extensively worldwide. George has been the musical director for several productions of Arabesque Dance Company, and taught Arabic music for hundreds of dancers worldwide. His CD, The Art of the Early Egyptian Qanun, was nominated for a JUNO Award in World Music in 2009. His, Egyptian Music Appreciation and Practice for Bellydancers, has won international acclaim and is an invaluable companion to bellydancers all over the world. A companion set of two DVDs was produced with Lulu.

Previous Year's Workshops — 2017, 2016.

Schedule (Subject to Change)

Friday, May 4, 2018

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Sunday, May 6, 2018


235 Queens Quay West

Studio Theatre & Lakeside Terrace, York Quay, Harbourfront Centre,

Downtown Toronto, Canada

Harbourfront Centre

Hotel Accommodations

Strathcona Hotel

Reservations will be made by individual attendees directly with the hotel by either through this offer or calling 1-800-268-8304 or direct line 416-363-3321 and request “Bellydance Blossom Festival” or group code “646800” for phone reservations.

Collaborative Works

Collaborative Explorative Works - Ensembles
Sisters of Dance & Elisabeth

Song of the Flower

Sisters of Dance (Krista, Cheryl, LeeAnne, Karen, Tonya) & Elisabeth

Celebrating their tenth anniversary as a collective, Halifax-based Sisters of Dance continue to challenge themselves and each other in creating honest and beautiful Egyptian belly dance. They are collaborating with Elisabeth, an Atlanta-based belly dancer performer and choreographer, to bring Khalil Gibran’s poem, “Song of the Flower” to life in this opulant Egyptian choreography with veil.

Helwa Dancers & Karen Staples


Helwa Dancers & Karen Staples

Self-affirmation is a struggle. How do we, as women, learn to embrace every part of ourselves? Do we welcome femininity? By putting on a skirt, it is powerful to embody the impact of that choice.

Helwa Dancers, choreography by Karen Staples.

2017 Collaborative Works — Pre-Arranged Partnerships, Random Partnerships

2016 Collaborative Works — Ensembles, Pre-Arranged Partnerships, Solos

Collaborative Explorative Works - Solo
headshots of Rahel Claman & Yasmina Ramzy

Ya Retni Ana Wala Enta

Rahel Claman & Yasmina Ramzy

Rahel Claman (Vancouver, BC) has asked Yasmina Ramzy (Toronto, ON) to create a piece for her that will push her into new ways of expression. Rahel directs Ya Helwa Dancers in Vancouver and conducts a very busy teaching and performing schedule. Yasmina Ramzy directs Arabesque Canada and has performed and taught in 65 cities globally for 37 years including the Middle East.

Sarah Jawida & Sarah Mayne

Passion of Resentment

Sarah Jawida & Sarah Mayne

Sarah Jawida (Quebec City) has been randomly paired with Sarah Mayne (Grand Rapids, Michigan) who will create a piece for her that will evoke startling depths of emotion. Sarah Jawida is actively involved in Quebec City producing events, exploring collaborations, performing and hosting workshops. Sarah Mayne directs BellyDance Grand Rapids and founded Allspice & Delkash Dance Co.

Amara (NYC) & Saqqara (NY)


Amara (NYC) & Saqqara (NY)

Inspired by the lilting Reda Muwashshahat style this fusion of ballet and Egyptian dance synthesizes adagio movement of ballet with the expressiveness of Egyptian dance set to the classic song Min Gher Leh by Abdel Wahab. Amara is a spirited professional dance artist from New York City. Saqqara is a multifaceted performer from Binghamton, NY. Amara choreographed by Saqqara.

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Nebtidi Meneen el Hikaya: Honouring Soheir Zaki

Amirah Al-Shuruq (Cinncinati) & Azura (Regina)

This collaboration pays homage to Soheir Zaki with an original routine inspired by Soheir’s joyous, elegant performance. Amirah is an award-winning dancer who has performed to international audiences in the United States. Azura has performed in Egypt, the United States, and Canada. They share a common love of Golden Age dance.

Corey Formica Besso & Ioana Timariu

Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen

Corey Formica & Ioana Timariu (Toronto)

There's a blaze of light
In every word
It doesn't matter which you heard
The holy or the broken Hallelujah

This piece is about the personal, and the divine, and finding them in each other.

2017 Collaborative Works — Pre-Arranged Partnerships, Random Partnerships

2016 Collaborative Works — Ensembles, Pre-Arranged Partnerships, Solos

Explorative Works

Explorative Works - Ensembles
Delkash Dancers & Yasmina Ramz

El Ness Ya Ray'a

Delkash Dancers & Yasmina Ramzy

Delkash Dancers (Grand Rapids, MI) have asked Yasmina Ramzy (Toronto, ON) to create a piece for them that will help them grow as artists. Delkash Dancers is directed by Sarah Mayne of Grand Rapids Bellydance. Yasmina Ramzy directs Arabesque Canada and has performed and taught in 65 cities globally for 37 years including the Middle East.

Earthshakers in a circle bending backwards



Earthshakers has always had mission to dispell myths and limitations. In this piece the company will express the powerful internal anger and shame at the root of why Earthshaker's work is necessary and speaks to so many. Earthshakers is under the umbrella of Arabesque Canada and directed by Yasmina Ramzy.

Hala Jamal, Maysa & Yasmina Ramzy

Hobbak El Fein

Hala Jamal, Maysa & Yasmina Ramzy

Hala and Maysa (Banff, AB) have asked Yasmina Ramzy (Toronto, ON) to create a duet piece for them that is not entertainment based. Maysa & Hala teach and perform in Banff out of Joy Dance Studio. Yasmina Ramzy directs Arabesque Canada and has performed and taught in 65 cities globally for 37 years including the Middle East.

Ruth Moxley‎, Cheryl Amirault and Krista Tilley & Ioana Timariu

Teardrop by Massive Attack

Ruth Moxley‎, Cheryl Amirault and Krista Tilley & Ioana Timariu

A new ensemble of Raqs Sharqi dancers from Halifax, NS, Ruth, Cheryl and Krista, have joined Ioana to explore a modern belly dance piece. This collaboration is truly fostered by the Bellydance Blossom Festival as it will push the dancers out of their comfort zones but stick to the emotive roots of belly dance.

Sisters of Dance

Albi el Afreeky by Hossam Ramzy

Sisters of Dance

Sisters of Dance is exploring the idea of taking up space, by exploring grand, full movement that engages the whole body. This will help with expression and emotion from head to toe. Partnered with that, after some success with a narrative in recent creations, using the whole body, can we tell a whole story that resonates with our audience? This music and style will be modern Egyptian but will seek to go beyond the moves.

Claudya Khalid and Andrea Fryett posing in costumes

Four Pillars of Art

Claudya Khalid and Andrea Fryett (Montreal)

Claudya and Andrea will explore the concept of subtle changes in musical and dance movement interpretation through the ages, contrasting classical with modern. Khalida has been performing professionally since 2012. Andrea has been performing professionally and teaching since 2006. They are both from Montreal (QC), and both won numerous awards.

Dr. George Sawa and Asli

Window To The Past

Dr. George Sawa and Asli (Toronto)

This collaboration is born from a mutual love for a soulful Ottoman song “Katibim”. Asli is an award-winning dancer, with a passion for belly dance and Turkish Rom. Dr. George Sawa has over 50 years experience in Arabic music performance, history, and theory, and he has performed and lectured extensively worldwide.

Jawaahir Dance Company

First meeting By Charbel Rouhana

Jawaahir Dance Company choreographed by Cassandra Shore (Minneapolis)

An exploration of relationships in the context of a contemporary emotional setting. Jawaahir is dedicated to presenting Middle Eastern dance as a living art form at its highest artistic level. Cassandra’s background in Modern and Jazz, drove her to explore original, theatrically-inspired choreography blending the traditional and contemporary.

Raqs Macabre

The Light Within

Raqs Macabre (Toronto) - Deborah Shaw, Vian Stetch & Donna Insley

We all have a Story, a Journey and a Mission. Our Story is the joy in each other’s company and our love for one another. Our Journey is the exploration of our limits and going beyond them and our Mission is to let you feel and share our experiences.

Music: Distant Fire, from Experiments in Bellydance by Rebecca Wolf-Nail

Roula Said posing red dress

Moustacheles Makes Amends

Roula Said Project (Toronto)

Inside even the manliest man is the soul of a woman.

Sisters of Salome


Sisters of Salome: Sarah Skinner and Zoe Smith (Toronto)

The Sisters of Salome was founded in 2007 by Sarah Skinner. The Sisters of Salome are a constellation of movement artists. Their new piece came out of a desire to dance at a house party. Utilizing a small footprint and nontraditional music to infuse joy into the entire room.

Music by: Caravan, Lambert, Hendricks, Ross

Delkash Dance Co.


Delkash Dance Co. & Sarah Mayne (Grand Rapids)

Delkash Dance Co. of Grand Rapids, MI will be performing a piece called Mermaids, choreographed by Sarah Mayne. This piece will explore the emotional impact art can have on a community and the ripple effects of inspiration. Mermaids is a tribute to the Descent of Ishtar, a show produced by Yasmina Ramzy in 2001, which was responsible for a profound "Blossom" moment.

Previous years Ensemble Explorative Works — 2017 & 2016

Explorative Works - Solos
Gretchen Clare

Sound of Sagat

Gretchen Clare

Gretchen is a performer and teacher from Washington, DC, who has been studying belly dance for over eight years. In this piece, finger cymbals take center stage as she accompanies her movement with only the sounds of this traditional instrument, reflecting through dance the music created in the moment.

Laura Selenzi in costume posing

Through the Flames

Laura Selenzi

In this new work, Laura will explore the "destruction" phase of the life cycle. Burning away overgrowth, making way for new life through intensity and wrath. Formerly a lead dancer in Arabesque Dance Co; Laura Selenzi now co-owns Serpentine Studios in Halifax, NS.

Lulu & Rahel Clamen

Exploring Emotional Expression through Body Movement to the music of Abdel Halim Hafez

Lulu & Rahel Clamen

Exploring stage dynamics, emotional expression through body movement. From the slightest of movement, a tilt of the head or soft hand gesture, to grand statements of feelings of joy, or sadness, all of these can express to an audience without speaking a single word. To grow as an artist through Dynamic Stage presence will be not only be challenging yet rewarding. Choreographer Requested from Rahel Claman (Vancouver, BC). Rahel directs Ya Helwa Dancers in Vancouver and conducts a very busy teaching and erforming schedule.

Tamalyn Dallal


Tamalyn Dallal

Disposable world. Disposable dance. New things. New styles. New costumes. Where will it end? This dance is about reviving memories and creating something from what has already been done in an innovative way. Recycling rather than disposing. Embracing what has been done though not repeating. I will craft a costume from recycled items, use music that people may have forgotten or discounted, and movements that I have learned over the span of four decades without separating them into specific styles.



Amara Dance (NYC)

This piece explores the transmutation and release of emotions and energy through the movements of “Bellydance.” The artist will also be exploring pathways of movement and relationship between stillness and movement. The artist will be channeling a traumatic past experience for release.


Koullil Sittat: Melaya

Azura (Regina)

Working with a melaya to prepare this routine has pushed Azura’s boundaries and increased her understanding of regional dance. Her performance reflects the flirty, contemporary vibe of this song by the Al-Ahram Orchestra. Azura appreciates this opportunity, and thanks Yasmina Ramzy for hosting this innovative, collaborative event.

Deborah Shaw whirling

Explorations of Whirling

Deborah Shaw (Toronto)

Whirling is spiritual, not doubt about it for me. It sooths, challenges and grounds me. Even just listening to the music affects my very being. I am exploring movements and whirling as an art form separate from devotion, will it still lift my soul?


Kom Bina Hana Al Humaya

Nisreen (NYC)

Third in a series of fantasy-based solos for the Bellydance Blossom Festival, this work explores hope and self-delusion. The song, a muwashah, states, "Come on, it is time for tarab." Nisreen dances and teaches in New York City.

Vian Stetch and Yasmina Ramzy


Vian Stetch (Thunder Bay) & Yasmina Ramzy (Toronto)

Vian Stetch approached Yasmina Ramzy to create a piece for her that would push her to new levels of feeling and expression to the music, the art and to herself. Yasmina has been Vian's mentor for many years and she has greatly appreciated and enjoyed having this learning opportunity.

Vian is co owner of Arabella Middle Eastern Dance Academy in Thunder Bay Ontario.

Yasmina Ramzy directs Arabesque Canada and has performed and taught in 65 cities globally for 37 years including the Middle East.

Previous years Solo Explorative Works — 2017 & 2016

Blossom Talks

Tamalyn Dallal headshot

DANCING OUR WAY HOME - Saturday 11:15-11:30am

What if we approached the dance as if it originated in the home, among friends, dressed for a party, rather than as a performance in night clubs and movies. How would the costumes be different? How would we be perceived by the general public? How would we dance and what would we wear? Can we make art from this?

Tamalyn Dallal

Tamalyn Dallal has been dancing since 1976. Now, residing in New Orleans, she teaches internationally. She has written three books and made three documentary films. Her dance"Recycled", is about repurposing and reusing music, traditional movements, and creating new costuming from used clothing. Innovation without throwing away the past.



This Talk explores how Cairo’s professional raqs sharqi scene has been engaged with the tumultuous gender, economic, and political transformations Egypt has been experiencing since the January 25th 2011 revolution up until today. It also discusses the unique insights raqs sharqi has to offer to such complex politics.

Shiraz Christine Şahin

Christine Shiraz Sahin is a Ph.D. Candidate in Critical Dance Studies at the University of California, Riverside. Her dissertation, Core Connections: A Contemporary Cairo Dance Ethnography, explores the myriad ways raqs sharqi is engaged with the gender, political, and economic dynamics Egypt has been experiencing since the January 25th, 2011 Revolution. She is also a professional performer and teacher of raqs sharqi based in Delaware, USA.

Amara Dance of NYC full body pose

RHYHTM, RITUAL & TRANSCENDANCE — Healing Aspects of Bellydance - Sunday 11:15-11:30am

This talk is presentation of cumulative research and exploration into the healing aspects of Bellydance and the idea of Bellydance being used as a therapeutic tool in Dance movement therapy for certain populations. This presentation is a completed and published Masters of Science thesis from the speaker who is a registered Dance Movement Therapist in the the USA.

Amara Dance of NYC

Amara has her credentialing as a R-DMT and Masters of Science in Creative Arts Therapy / Dance Movement Therapy.

Previous years Blossom Talks — 2017 & 2016

Panel Discussions

Panel Discussion image

PANEL OF DINA - Sunday 7:30-9:00pm

Questions to Dina Talaat prepared by participants of festival about art, politics and feminine power

Panel Discussion image

TEACHING IN ASIA - Friday 4:15-5:30pm

Tamalyn Dallal, Mohamed Salah, Alisa Tu

Asia is one of the largest markets for Oriental dance today. Why is Asia an important market? How has it developed so quickly? What is it like to teach in Asia?

Panel Discussion image


Shiraz, Rahel Claman, Alia Thabit

The myriad ways raqs sharqi embodies revolutionary capacities, whether individually or in regards to larger political movements such as Egypt's Jan. 25th 2011 revolution.

Panel Discussion image

BELLY DANCE CROSSINGS - Sunday 1:30-2:45pm

Shiraz, Yasmina Ramzy and Cassandra Shore

Exploring the ways belly dance changes form and meanings as it crosses borders, bodies, and spaces. Can be micro level of studio vs other venues such as weddings and festival sites, or larger such as belly dance within transnational flows.

Previous years Panel Discussions — 2017 & 2016


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